The New BizSmart Loan from KNAB finance
No Collateral Required
Short Tenure
Stepping in where you needed the most, we provide short term loans for 7 days - 12 months
No middle men, minimal documentation and easy application process
Tech Enabled
Apply for a loan online and access your KNAB finance account over our secure digital platform from anywhere, anytime.
Easy Eligibility
Apply for a loan with just 1 year audited financial.
We evaluate your business based on their actual performances, not solely on personal credit score.
Customize the loan to match your needs and get options like multiple disbursements, partial disbursement, pre-payment at zero charge.
No Hidden Charges
No fine print or heavy jargon, completely simple and transparent communication and upfront terms.
Committed to ensuring that our customers are provided with complete information about our loans so that they take wise business decision.
Hassle Free Process

Get a business loan in three simple steps

Simple logic of choosing us over Conventional Banks

Basis BizSmart Loan Conventional Business Loan
Application Process 100% online and automated application can be filled from anywhere at anytime Lengthy paper documentation with multiple physical touch points
Application Process Time Hours Days
Disbursement <1 week 2-5 weeks
Flexibility Take as much as you want, when you want
Pay as much as you want, when you want
Prepayment needs approval
Single disbursement
Application Effort Minimal Moderate
Pre-Payment Charges No Yes