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How Agile helps deliver fintech innovation

Agile methodology helps in quickly responding to changing business needs and market dynamics. At KNAB we follow a routine of daily stand-up along with retrospective and monthly analysis. Adopting Agile …

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Is Crowdfunding the Next Big Thing in the Lending Sector?

Raising funds for small businesses can be a lengthy and taxing process. There are very limited options for a first-time entrepreneur who does not have any credit history. Struggling entrepreneurs …

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Revolutionary Impact of the FinTech and Government Schemes on the Indian MSME Sector

The MSME Sector of India has been contributing to the country’s booming economy in large proportions, specifically a massive 45% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The MSME Sector is …

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The Key to Accessing Funding for your Business

The Dreams of an Entrepreneur Mr. Sharma’s new grocery business was flourishing. Each one of his customers appreciated his staff’s way of handling their groceries and delivering them on time, …

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Living the Dream – From Foundation to Accelerated Growth

It was her father’s dream. And her grandfather’s. They dreamt that the small vegetable shop that they owned and ran would become a large organic food brand, like the big …