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The benefits of an unsecured loan for educational institutions

25 Nov 2019

The mission and vision of any educational institute in India are to give a quality of education to their children. Along with their regular academic studies, it is important to give extracurricular activities to the kids along with their studies. Extracurricular activities can be sports, science experiments or preparing them for the future. Also, an educational institution needs a proper infrastructure, campus, laboratories, furniture or transportation facilities. To provide all…

Women entrepreneurs challenges and problems in India

14 Nov 2019

To become a boss you need to start your own company or business which is not a simple thing for any individual. To come up with any plan needs more homework and market study. Once they get some pictures on the business they need to start then comes the location where exactly it needs to be started. Location and the mode of business matters a lot in starting any business…

Difference Between Secured and Unsecured Business Loans

15 Oct 2019

To start a business and to expand, you need funds. A business loan is the best option available in the market which will meet your requirement. A right type of business loan will support you to make the right decisions in your business. You need to be clear about the purpose of taking a business loan. A new start-up needs loans to set up the infrastructure and the business overall…

How GST has become a Turning Point for SMEs in India?

30 Jul 2019

India, one of the biggest economies of the world is well-supported by the Small and Medium Enterprises that have strongly emerged as the primary growth drivers of the economy and major contributors to the country’s GDP. Until a few years back, goods and services were taxed separately by different government departments which had complicated the taxation system not only for the taxpayers but also for tax administrators. Multiple layers of…

Is it better to lease or buy equipment for business?

19 Jul 2019

Expansion and upgrading assets like equipment and the capital assets is a part and parcel of every business. This ranges from periodically upgrading factory machines, acquiring latest gears, updating retailer stores, fixing warehouses, and even refurbishing the interiors of an office. While these investments benefit an enterprise making it more efficient, it also raises the dilemma to decide whether to lease or buy these assets. The benefits of leasing vs…

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