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Why Does A Business Loan Application Gets Rejected?

24 May 2019

New businesses can be unpredictable. As they say, no two days are the same in business. And on any given day, good or bad, one thing that influences a business, especially one that took shape recently, is money. For businesses with a money crunch, loans are a lifeline to help make the most of an opportunity, or at times even to assist in simply covering the expenses. It is therefore…

PAN Card Application Rejection – Reasons and What To Do

16 May 2019

From buying a property or a car, or investing in the stock market, one thing that is required for such activities is the PAN card. Issued by the Income Tax Department under Income Tax Act, 1961, PAN stands for Permanent Account Number, a 10-digit number unique alphanumeric imprinted on a laminated plastic card. Linked to all financial transactions made by a particular individual or entity, it prevents tax evasion by…

How Personal Credit Score Can Determine Your Business Loan EMIs?

14 May 2019

It is often assumed that the individuals representing the business & their personal credit scores and the business entity along with the business’s credit score are separate and have no bearing over one another. Due to this, often people overlook their personal credit score for a business loan. In many cases, either the loan application is rejected or one has to pay higher EMIs. Although it happens in certain cases…

How Can KNAB Finance Business Loan Benefit Your Business

06 May 2019

Starting and sustaining a business with adequate amount of funds is one of the most important steps to make it successful. A business requires funds for a number of reasons. At times to introduce a new product, expanding operations, and many a times to fulfils needs as basic as inventory. In such cases, it is recommended to opt for a non-financial banking company that can help you fulfil your targets….

Reasons Why Business Loans are Financially Beneficial

06 May 2019

Reasons Why Business Loans are Financially Beneficial Finance is the backbone of every business. A firm, especially one that has come into being just a few years back, may require adequate amount of capital to fund anything from a new division to equipment to office supplies, or even pay the salaries. If you are an entrepreneur, one important question that you’ll constantly think about would be – is getting a…

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