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How Can KNAB Finance Business Loan Benefit Your Business

6 May 2019

Starting and sustaining a business with adequate amount of funds is one of the most important steps to make it successful. A business requires funds for a number of reasons. At times to introduce a new product, expanding operations, and many a times to fulfils needs as basic as inventory. In such cases, it is recommended to opt for a non-financial banking company that can help you fulfil your targets.

KNAB Finance is one such non-banking financial company (NBFC) in India that empowers MSMEs by enabling them to apply for working-capital loans in a hassle-free manner. A non-deposit taking, tech-enabled NBFC, it’s driven by a customer-centric approach.

KNAB Finance uses new-age technology to assess a borrower’s requirements and offers a customized finance facility helping them meet their potential. Moreover, KNAB Finance’s digital processes enables transparency and flexibility, thus making it a preferred choice.

Most importantly, KNAB Finance offers an unsecured collateral free loan that takes away the hassle of more paperwork.

Benefits of availing a business loan from KNAB Finance.

  1. Flexibility To Meet All Business Requirements

  2. Collateral Free Loan

  3. Short Tenure Loans

  4. Fast Processing

  5. Products That Meet Every Need

  6. Convenient Repayment Options

Flexibility To Meet All Business Requirements

A business may require a loan for varied purposes to fulfil specific requirements. The loan products available with KNAB Finance offer the flexibility to meet such specific needs. These loans can be utilized for starting, expanding, or upgrading a business facility. Moreover, loans at KNAB Finance come with options like multiple disbursements, partial disbursements, etc. that can be availed as it suits the business needs.

Collateral Free Loan

Most banks and other financial institutions, including private investors, do not offer a loan without collateral. Whereas, KNAB Finance offers an unsecured loan, which means that the business does not need to submit any form of asset or collateral against the loan. Also known as a collateral free loan, such loans are beneficial for a firm that is still in its initial form to sustain their ventures.

Short Tenure Loans

Unlike many other financial institutions that have a criteria for lending out loans for a minimum number of days/months/years, the loans offered by KNAB Finance can be opted for as little as 7 days and maximum for a period of 12 months. This also helps a business plan better to meet all its short-term financial gaps at the earliest, and easier for businessmen to expand his/her business and to sustain the cash flow at the same time.

Fast Processing

Unless planned, a business needs funding at the earliest to bank on an opportunity at the right time. More often than not, money lenders hesitate in disbursing the amount quickly and on the other hand banks have a long vetting period wherein they evaluate the business and the collaterals if asked for, that can affect a business plan.

KNAB Finance understands this more than anyone and therefore has a quick processing structure that makes sure that you get a loan within 3 working days.

Products That Meet Every Need

KNAB Finance understands that every business is different and therefore offers loan products like,

Convenient Repayment Options

The flexible nature of loans reflects in the repayment options offered by KNAB Finance. Understanding the complexities involved with a business, KNAB Finance has flexible repayment options that ensure a business can avoid any difficulties in financial management.

Here’s an infographic to help understand the various features offered by KNAB Finance that can benefit a business.

Finance, just like manpower, is one of the most essential requirements of a business. Getting the required cash flow, with ease, at the right time is crucial for expanding a business, opening another facility, purchasing required equipment to speed up your business, etc.

Moreover, the freedom to use the amount as per the business owner’s preference enables them to utilise the funds according to their plan. KNAB Finance’s products and other criteria are apt for a business in every way, leading to a successful venture in no time!

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