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Living the Dream – From Foundation to Accelerated Growth

23 Jul 2018

It was her father’s dream. And her grandfather’s. They dreamt that the small vegetable shop that they owned and ran would become a large organic food brand, like the big store two streets away… But both couldn’t live to see it happen. Neha was only 3 years old when they both died in a road accident as they were on their way to the bank to fetch their loan money.

Her grandmother passed away almost immediately and she had no siblings. She was her parents’ first and last child. Her mother moved to her parents’ place and the shop shut down immediately. As she grew up, her mother narrated stories of how her father and grandfather would run the store. Fortunately, her maternal uncle agreed to fund her education and she grew up to complete her education at a reputed university with a full scholarship. And as she graduated, she knew she had to pursue a full-time job so she could have enough capital to fund her business.

Building the foundations.

Yes, you guessed it right, she was planning on building an organic food brand, just like her father and grandfather always dreamt of building. She had a great vision for her company – “Organic, fresh food at affordable prices”. And she decided to start small and experiment with just one store. But even then, she had a problem. She was only a college graduate, so the pay-package that all the companies offered her, helped her to cover only her and her dependent mother’s living costs and medical bills.

So, Neha needed capital. At first, she tried collaborating with some of her friends, urging them to become co-founders of her company. And they agreed, but there was always a dispute over how the vision changed as the levels of communication increased. After several friendships were shattered, she was left barren – without any hopes or capital. But her mother’s stories of her father always kept her going. Neha now considered a loan.

She had looked at all possible sources of finance and landed on this option because the growth of MSMEs had boosted the market for small loans, which is what she planned to begin with. So, she shortlisted two banks that specialized in helping MSMEs. She met up with the Relations Managers who asked her an endless number of questions. She, on the other hand, wasn’t allowed to ask a single question. She bore this for two meetings but couldn’t take it any further. Her mother told her to keep her motivation levels high and temper low, because otherwise, she would lose out on good opportunities.

So, when she went for the third meeting, with her remarkable confidence and high hopes, she ended up becoming more uncomfortable than ever with questions regarding her personal property and assets, because the bank required to know that their money would be returned to them even after her business failed. Since she had no choice, she pledged her only assets – her gold earrings and chain, to the bank.

After a few weeks, she got her money, and then began her business. Her store was a success, because the quality of her farm-fresh fruits and vegetables was so good and she sold them at an affordable rate.

Two years went by. Neha now had two branches of her store. There was a huge demand and she got repeated requests from her patrons to expand. This was beyond her budget, as she had recently started the home delivery option and her running costs had increased suddenly.

The only option here was to borrow some more money. However, she had paid back her very first loan just recently and had used up the company’s profits in the second store. But fearless as she was, she approached the banks yet again. She thought she could negotiate not pledging her collaterals now because she had gained a good reputation.

So, when she went to the bank, with her hopes and ambitions keeping her head held up high, she was taken aback. Severely, this time. Even after negotiating a lot, they did not agree to provide an unsecured loan. There was no chance that she would pledge everything that she had all over again…

Now, what would she do? Would all her dreams and passions just disappear into thin air?

There are more people on this planet who face the exact same issue than you think exist. And if you’re one of them and are reading this, thinking you’ve lost it all, just like Neha, you’re wrong. But before I explain the solution, let’s think about the problem more deeply…

Not only did Neha have to travel around from one bank to another, but she also had to complete lengthy paperwork if one of the banks agreed to give her the loan without any collaterals. This would require a lot of time, energy and money. The banks would then negotiate the disbursement period with her, which would almost never match her or her company’s timeline. This would then affect her credit scores massively, which would then impact future borrowings. And all this for a small business loan.

A single stop shop for all credit worries

Now think, if instead of all these hassles, there was a single institution that provided you the power to borrow as much as you wanted with a completely digitized platform for paperwork and a personalized account to suit your business’ exact needs!

So, rewind 10 steps. No travel, no paper, no collaterals, no fixed credit score and most importantly no uncomfortable encounters! Instead, what KNAB Finance provides you with is a fair and simple process. We look at crucial components that are essential for lending, like your business’ requirement, it’s performance, your CIBIL score, the industry’s performance. This gives us your KNAB Score, which helps us evaluate your business’ financial position. Basis this, we provide you with a complete transparent process, with ample information about your loan, so you don’t have to be worried about anything!

Also, the next time you go out there to borrow a sum of money for your business, you won’t have to be physically out there. You can sit right at home, on your couch and complete the entire process, right from creating your own account to uploading all your documents to actually receiving the exact amount that your business needs. And should you need any assistance, our financial experts are just a call or a WhatsApp message away!

So, Neha, or for that matter, any troubled business owner will never have to worry again about getting the exact capital that they need, because we strive to deliver only the best to your business so you don’t have to bother with lengthy paperwork, extended disbursement period or any other nasties. We truly understand your business and by aiding you to inject the right amount of capital, we strive to help you skyrocket your business. Our journey began just like yours, and with the right vision and endless efforts that we take to provide only our best, we have successfully aided 1000+ businesses that now stand shining in the glory of their victory. Neha’s and yours are definitely the next!

“Don’t wait for the opportunity, create it”,  with KNAB Finance!!

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