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As we grow our business

Most of the companies are started as an idea which goes into execution. At the initial stage of execution, we are so focused on our revenue generation that we miss …

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Challenges Faced by MSME’s in Accessing Working Capital

MSME contributes to 37.54% to the country GDP and the share of MSME in India’s total export is at 44.70%. As per the annual report published by GOI in FY …

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GST – Another step towards transparent, simple and digital India

On a stroke of midnight of 30 June 2017, India became a member of another 150+ countries to embrace simple and transparent way of tax collection. It marks another milestone …

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Digital Payments

The finance world is changing rapidly and what we can do today with technology and automation, was not possible before. The new age fintech companies, have turned the manual processes …

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Innovation in Fintech Startups

BFSI sector is the highest spender in technology across all industries. The technology costs in financial institutions can account for 5-10% of their revenue. At KNAB finance, one of the …