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What is Working Capital and its Benefits?

11 Jul 2019

You only need an idea, a product or a service to start a business. However, as your venture begins to grow, it is crucial that you start getting acquainted with many other aspects of running a business. One of them being the Working Capital. The backbone of any business – the working capital, is as important as the product or the service itself. Obtained by subtracting the current liabilities from…

Ultimate Guide On KYC For Business

21 Jun 2019

Aakash, a budding entrepreneur, is quite confident and happy as he is living his dream with the startup. When the startup turned 2 years old, he started looking for funds to scale up operations and decided to apply for a business loan. With expert advice from his friends in the business fraternity, he stacked up every document in place and so an easy loan approval was anticipated. But then the…

Impact of FDI on the Retail Sector in India

13 Jun 2019

A country can sustain by itself, but not develop to its full potential without collaborating with another country. This knowledge transfer is crucial for the development of people in almost every domain. Foreign Direct Investment or FDI in the retail sector in India is one such knowledge exchange that has been a critical driver of India’s technical know-how, instrumental in employment generation and boosting economic growth while also being the…

Everything to know about the CIN (Corporate Identity Number)

05 Jun 2019

Starting a business is more than just an idea, a product or a service that you think will work. In order to standardize things and bring transparency, every government forms certain rules and regulations that every business person has to adhere to. One of them is registering your business as a company and getting the Corporate Identity Number, commonly known as the CIN number of a company. If you are…

Why Does A Business Loan Application Gets Rejected?

24 May 2019

New businesses can be unpredictable. As they say, no two days are the same in business. And on any given day, good or bad, one thing that influences a business, especially one that took shape recently, is money. For businesses with a money crunch, loans are a lifeline to help make the most of an opportunity, or at times even to assist in simply covering the expenses. It is therefore…

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