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Why More SMEs Are Opting For Unsecured Business Loans in India

13 Mar 2019

One of the most essential things for any successful business is the availability and consistent inflow of working capital. A lifeline for business to thrive, a lack of it can hinder the daily operations, threatening both short-term and long-term growth. To ensure sufficient cash flow for their business, most SMEs have to look at external sources for an immediate financial boost from time-to-time. However, seeking financial aid from traditional lenders…

How Agile helps deliver fintech innovation

27 Dec 2018

Agile methodology helps in quickly responding to changing business needs and market dynamics. At KNAB we follow a routine of daily stand-up along with retrospective and monthly analysis. Adopting Agile allows us to implement changes much faster than traditional approaches, which would stack up a lot of pressure on the business teams for the second half of month. “Innovative ideas aren’t generated in structured, authoritarian environments but in an adaptive…

Is Crowdfunding the Next Big Thing in the Lending Sector?

07 Nov 2018

Raising funds for small businesses can be a lengthy and taxing process. There are very limited options for a first-time entrepreneur who does not have any credit history. Struggling entrepreneurs whose first few ideas did not click well have it hard, too. They are not welcomed by angel investors, venture capitalists, banks and certainly not by friends and family. So, should they simply give up on their dreams and aspirations?…

Impact of FinTech and Government Schemes on Indian MSME

08 Oct 2018

The MSME Sector of India has been contributing to the country’s booming economy in large proportions, specifically a massive 45% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The MSME Sector is responsible for the employment of nearly 50 million Indians. Micro, small and medium businesses contribute to 45% of the manufacturing sector, 40% of the country’s exports and 69% of the employment sector. It is surprising to note that although MSME…

The Key to Accessing Funding for your Business

31 Aug 2018

The Dreams of an Entrepreneur Mr. Sharma’s new grocery business was flourishing. Each one of his customers appreciated his staff’s way of handling their groceries and delivering them on time, as expected, for every single order. To an onlooker, it was perfect… Motivated, diligent staff, best quality products, great reputation, increasing revenues… Trust and goodwill built over 4 years. His perfectionist workaholic attitude had paid off. To meet the increasing…

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