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Living the Dream – From Foundation to Accelerated Growth

23 Jul 2018

It was her father’s dream. And her grandfather’s. They dreamt that the small vegetable shop that they owned and ran would become a large organic food brand, like the big store two streets away… But both couldn’t live to see it happen. Neha was only 3 years old when they both died in a road accident as they were on their way to the bank to fetch their loan money….

Lending in the Age of Technology

28 Jun 2018

As technology rapidly takes over every industry, it streamlines every teeny-tiny little process for you and me. And in doing so, it generates a desire in us for faster, high-quality, convenient and error-free products and services. At KNAB we use the latest technology with customer convenience and experience to bring credit to MSMEs at their doorstep. The lending industry has directly or indirectly touched and transformed many of our lives…

As we grow our business

13 Feb 2018

Most of the companies are started as an idea which goes into execution. At the initial stage of execution, we are so focused on our revenue generation that we miss out on regulatory compliance. Registering company, registering for tax and all other form of compliance is overlooked as we think that we will do it when time comes, and it keeps on getting delayed. Things remains easy when the operations…

Challenges Faced by MSME’s in Accessing Working Capital

12 Oct 2017

MSME contributes to 37.54% to the country GDP and the share of MSME in India’s total export is at 44.70%. As per the annual report published by GOI in FY 2015-16 its projected that there are total of 5.1 cr working enterprises as on 2014-15. MSME in India employs close to 11.71 crore people of India. These numbers are huge and shows that MSME is strong contributor to the Indian…

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